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CFW Nokia 5800/5530 - RM356 V52/RM504 V32 - Fahimmuchi N8-00 Version 3

Aziz Richie Rabu, 05 Januari 2011

      This firmware is Based on C6-00 V20.0.042

 Special Thanks to:


Before Flashing

1. Backup all your contacts, messages, calender and all stuffs using Nokia File Manager in your phone or PC Suite
2. Clean your memory card by formatting your memory card or deleting E:\resource, E:\private, E:\system and E:\sys
3.No need to hard reset before flashing

After Flashing

1. When the display appears in choosing country, please wait for like  5 seconds, to make sure your phone ready
2. After your phone done showing the homescreen, please wait around 10 seconds to make your phone's system loaded the needed things
3. First Hard Reset the phone and then restore all your contents back and DO NOT RESTORE SETTING BACKUP you made from last firmware you used to avoid system functionality

Fahimmuchi Nokia N8-00 Version 3 features:

System modifications:

Heap size increased to 524288 and app delay reduced to 500000!!!
CPU has been highly optimised(set to 100%)
Frame rate increased from 22 fps to 33 fps
Rotation speed from POTRAIT TO LANDSCAPE and from LANDSCAPE TO POTRAIT is increased
Applications policy mod
Cache changed from C to E
Default startup mod
File manager mod now(let me figure it out after flashing)
Startup has been optimised(Disabled useless apps  such as calendar,clock,etc and ROM PATCHER auto run)
RAM cache changed to C
RomPatcher 2.03 with mandatory patches added
Send Everything from file manager
USB Mass Storage Default
Extra Sensor Settings(Tapping control added)
Vivaz Conversation added
Prevent applications running in background
Widget security disabled
File manager now shows System and hidden folders on E(Memory Card)


N8-00 fonts applied
N8-00 Icons applied
Swype N8-00 theme
Default volume set mod(increased from 4 to 9)
Additional Shortcut Bars in C6 Homescreen
Removed "show open apps"
Swipe HS clean
Smiley grid root applied Cheesy
Nseries1-4 theme included
Ovi Maps 3.06 beta 3 included

Multimedia modifications:

Extra zoom on Camera(8x digital zoom)
Camera Ram mod(Ram saving after camera exits)
Recorder mod(now you can record up to 12 hours)
N8-00 camera sounds
Music Player 15.2 added with lyrics support included
"Already in use Camera bug" fixed
Video recording quality improved

Messaging and logs modifications:

Show Call Duration
Show Call Summary
Delivery Reports ON Mod
Messaging lagging removed

Connectivity and Browser modifications:

Browser will rotate even if auto-rotate is off in Settings
Press  0  to switch Bluetooth ON
Improved WIFI sensitivity
Resume download on restart(now you can resume download if the phone switched off because of not having enough charge)

download link for nokia 5800 RM-356: 

download link for nokia 5300 RM-504: 
I can all promise you that this firmware is very stable and fast,so if you find any bugs let me know.

For those who want to change the profile and bluetooth name
1.To change the profile name edit 101F8798 in rofs2 and go to 0x2 string "enter your desire name" 16777216 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=WriteDeviceData
2.To change the bluetooth edit DefaultBTReg.ini and change the name you want to

For those who want 4x4 and 4x5 menu layout
Download the files i provided and then copy the RESOURCE folder in rofs2

For those who want to add additional languages
1.For language adding tool go to
2.For language files go to

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